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Fine-tuned bowling does not happen by chance. Good bowlers learn their sport, one step at a time.  They strengthen their understanding, and implement good technique into their bowling. Enhanced techniques are the result of good physical and mental principles that control human movement and ball action.  The best information is based on objective, factual inputs supplied by those who have learned the hard lessons. 

What is the correct way to bowl?

There is, of course, “more than one way to skin a cat”.  A bowlers style is unique, and no one style or piece of equipment fits everyone.  At the same time, some ways are better than others.   Listen with an open heart.  To deny the possibility of learning would seem unfair to ourselves and unwise.

While everyone is a “coach”, be gracious, and accept inputs from wherever they come from and thank them for their inputs.  Tell them you’ll discuss their tips with your coach (a USBC certified coach).

Remember, it is important not to fall prey to blind adoration of those having impressive hooking balls or high scores.
  This is especially true of those having dominant personalities or commanding position.  Many good bowlers introduce errors to make up for other errors.  Be smart, and learn the cause of whatever flaws you have developed; then seek the advice of a good coach.

Most every bowler’s game is flawed to a degree.  Working with factual data provides the best opportunity to learn the sport of bowling with calm, straight-forward facts.  So, where do be begin?




Bowlers want to jump right in  with little knowledge

Not understanding how things work is a key reason bowlers fail to reach the full enjoyment of their sport. 

The less successful they are, the harder they “throw” the ball, and the more flaws they introduce into their bowling.  Bowling this way is less satisfying.  Begin with well-founded principles, and work to understand the bowler, equipment and the lanes.

Selecting and Preparing an appropriate ball

A ball that matches the existing lane conditions, and your bowling style are instrumental to your success.

The best ball for you is not necessarily the strongest hooking ball or the latest ball release.  Each ball has strengths and limitations. 

Laying out your ball, and fitting your hand to meet specific objectives are key to enhancing your success.

Lane conditions change

Responding to  change isn’t just adjusting your feet or target, or throwing harder or softer.  You may be well served by changing your targeting line, body angle, speed, ball launch, or a better selection from your ball arsenal.

How you read the lanes, how your respond, and when you respond can enhance your success.  Listen to what the lanes are telling you.

Introducing the Bowler

Bowling is an individual-oriented sport, often played in teams of 2, 3, 4 or 5 bowlers.  Bowlers may participate as individuals, matched against a specific opponent on an opposing team, or as a team.  Regardless, bowlers must develop a keen concentration required to execute a fluid, consistent execution of each ball delivery to be most effective.

  • Like in any sport, you need a keen focus, analyze the physics of the lane, the physics and surface preparation of the ball, and the delivery of each ball to knock down the intended bowling pins in an effective manner.
  • As the lane conditions change, you have to modify your ball speed, axis of rotation and axis of tilt as you adjust your ball delivery effectively.
  • Prior to bowling, we need an effective regimen toward strengthening and maintaining your physical and mental health.  Your diet, physical strength, as well as your mental focus and stamina need to be a high priority in your life.  
  • You need to believe in the principle of practice in all these areas.  While practice does not mean it will make you perfect, you can believe that perfect practice makes perfect.

Yes, if you are hopeful of enjoying your sport, and being at all competent, you need to take each of these areas seriously. An enjoyable time bowling results from the natural consequence of implementing these key areas effectively.  Knowing the basics of bowling really means intimately knowing the basics of the lanes, the ball and most importantly, yourself.  When preparing to bowl, preparation of yourself, the bowler, is the key to success.

Courage doesn’t always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,
 ‘I will try again tomorrow’.

‘I will learn a new skill’.