Where To Start

How far away from the foul line to start your approach determines, in large part, the ability of the bowler to properly place the ball onto the lane.  So, to release the ball at a consistent point, the bowler is well advised to begin with an optimum starting position.

  1. Go to the foul line, and facing away from the foul line, place your heel where you want your feet to finish; normally, a couple of inches before the foul line dots.
  2. Taking normal steps (4, 5, 6), pace away from the foul line, plus ½ step for your slide (a very important factor).  Remember that while ball speed is important, it is best achieved by the length of the stride and the number of steps taken, and not tense arm muscle force.  Brute muscle force can increase ball speed, but also makes it more difficult to swing the ball in an accurate direction.
  3. Turn around and face the foul line.
  4. This is your starting position.  
  5. Select the number of steps and stride length to adjust ball speed, and not brute arm muscle force.

If you should foul from this starting position, you know one or more of your steps is too long.  If you stop short from this starting position, you know one or more of your steps is too short.  To identify which of your steps is causing the problem, you should have a certified coach assist you in resolving this issue.

The number of steps taken in your approach is a factor to be considered whenever considering the lane conditions, the speed of your release, your body structure (tall, short) and body structure.  In general, this text will consider the last four steps of your approach.  These last four steps are the most critical to a successful release when considering your timing.

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If you expect to end right, it is best to start right.